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Maria Sica


Attila was my first bunny, we took her from a neighbor who was raising bunnies in his backyard in California. I didn't know much about rabbits and did all the possible mistakes.

Then I started to research and I found public and private organizations rescuing rabbits and educating people about their proper care. I adopted my second bunny from Rabbit Haven and started to learn more and more.


When I moved to Oakland, I started to foster for House Rabbit Society. Then I took 2 more bunnies and I started volunteering at the local shelter in the rabbit room. Shortly after, I became Supervisor Volunteer at House Rabbit Society.


To raise money to fix the shelter bunnies and start an organized way to get them fixed and adopted, I started my on pet sitting business called Lake Merritt Pet Sitting.

I had my full time job and was volunteering both at the public shelter and at House Rabbit Society AND pet sitting and bonding and answering a thousand emails, it was very intense but I loved it because it was for the bunnies! I started to also collaborate with other rescues in the area and dreamed one day to open my own rescue. 

Thank to a wonderful friend, I also went volunteering in a big sanctuary in Tasmania to vaccinate 250 rabbits and I was lucky enough to volunteer at the low cost spay and neuter clinic organized by House Rabbit Society.

I moved to Spain to start my dream in June 2020 (yep, with pandemic and all...), the goal is to one day get a bigger place and more directors/members, so that it will not be a personal rescue, but an ongoing structured organization, hopefully a House Rabbit Society Chapter?

We are definitely taking it one small step at the time...but...we hope one day you will join us #forthebunnies >>>

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